What to Wear in Banff

In general Banff has a very casual feel where anything goes from athletic wear to fur coats. However I did see a lady just the other day in a full length fox fur walking down the main street in Banff and even though it was minus 20 she did look quite out of place. Not to say that fur isn’t present as the main street has been recently heavily dotted with the trendy fur pom pom hat – in my opinion the locally owned shop Snowflake sell the best ones. Banff town site has certainly upped its game in recent years with fashion statements from Japan, Europe and the local Calgarians. It’s a place where fashion and function collide and having a bit of both is probably your best bet. Layering is always a good idea with a wind cutting layer being the most important. Down and wool layers are also good in the fall and winter months. Spring does bring rain so if you’re visiting Banff in May or June bring your rain gear with warm layering underneath. The opposite is usually the case in July and August with temperatures soaring into the high 20’s, along with the high altitude, sun hats are de rigueur. Remember Banff is in the mountains and swift and dramatic weather fluctuations are normal – it’s even been known to snow in July!
Nightlife and dining out in Banff in general is very casual with an anything goes policy for the majority of restaurants. The finer dining establishments like the Three Ravens at the Banff Centre and Eden at the Rimrock Hotel do have a more upscale appeal where jeans are definitely frowned upon and a suit would look acceptable though certainly is not required – when in doubt I suggest dressing down to avoid feeling out of place in the very casual Banff.

If you plan on doing any sort of sporting activities while in Banff such as hiking, rafting, horse riding, skiing or snowboarding, check out my article on Technical Active Clothing To Wear in Banff.

The Top Clothing Shops in Banff

1. Lole – 130 Banff Ave
2. Monods – 129 Banff Ave
3. Cabin 108 – 108 Banff Ave
4. Roots – 227 Banff Ave
7. Lulu Lemon – 121 Banff Avenue
8. Patagonia – 94 Banff Avenue
9. Fjallraven – 216 Banff Avenue

Top Fashion Statements in Banff Right Now

1. The Fur Pom Pom Hat, like this one from Snowflake


2. Fur Collared Winter Coats, like theses from Canada Goose


3. Stylish backpacks from Fjall Raven


4. Sorel Winter Boots


5. The Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket for Men